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Complimenting SIMTRUM's Ultrafast Lasers and System Solutions involving Ultrafast pulsed lasers, Autocorrelators are measurement tools to measure pulse duration of ultrafast lasers.

Single Shot Autocorrelator / Low Repetition Autocorrelator

SIMTRUM carries Single-shot Autocorrelators for the measurement of pulse duration of ultrafast laser systems. Requiring only a single pulse for measurement, the single shot autocorrelator is a highly innovative design for high performance applications. For ease of integration, the mini autocorrelator with a significantly smaller footprint is also available.

The Single shot autocorrelator allows for single shot and low repetition rate up to GHz. 

Multi Shot Autocorrelator

The Multi Shot Autocorrelator is employed for the measurement of pulse duration of ultrafast laser systems with a innovation in the measurement of nanojoule pulse energy and picojoule pulse energy level. The Multi Shot Autocorrelator is suitable for use of measurement pulse duration for picosecond lasers and femtosecond lasers, measuring pulses with energy as low as 50 pJ.

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