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SWIR Beam Profiler (900-1700nm)

BeamPro SWIR

The Femto Easy BeamPro takes advantage of our user-friendly software, and provides thorough analysis and statistics of your laser beam. The BeamPro software uses standard communication protocols. It is therefore easily integrable in most complex 

environments. Several BeamPro can be controlled from a remote screen through the network. The BeamPro SWIR is based 

on an InGaAs sensor and can therefore measure beams in the range 900 - 1700 nm. It has an integrated 

thermoelectric cooling to improve sensitivity in low illumination applications.

Key features 

◆ Compact design 

◆ User-friendly and powerful software 

◆ Wavelength range : 900 - 1700 nm 

◆ Resolution 640 x 512 

◆ Pixel pitch : 15 µm 

◆ C-mount




⬫ Additional ND filters 

⬫ High Dynamic Range (120 dB) 

⬫ Trigger

Product Brochure: FemtoEasy_BeamPro_SWIR

Spectral  range(nm)

900 - 1700   nm

Sensor size (mm)

9.6 x 7.7

Sensor format



640 x 512

Pixel pitch (µm)


Minimum beam   diameter (Ø FWHM, µm)


Maximum   acquisition frame rate (fps)


Exposure   time:

min (µs) 

max (s)




Dynamic (dB)

63 / 120

Sensor type

CMOS 14 Bits

PC Interface

USB 3.0



Dimensions   (mm)

46 x 46 x 57

Software Interface


◆ Live extraction of beam properties 

◆ Several parameters and methods supported (ISO calculation included) 

◆ Enhanced background & hot pixels treatment, for optimum dynamic and signal to noise ratio 

◆ Client / Server interface, allowing remote control through network 

◆ All data exportable into most common formats

ModelSensor sizeResolution RangeWavelength Range
Standard Beam profilerup to 14.6mmup to 24Mpx190nm to 1100nm
1 inch Aperture Beam profilerup to 25mmup to 4.2Mpx190nm to 1100nm
SWIR Beam Profiler9.6 *7.7mm640 * 512900nm to 1700nm
IR Beam Profiler10.88 * 8.16mm540 * 4802um to 16um
Terahertz Beam Profiler11.3 *11.3 mmup to 4.2Mpx1- 18 Thz
Scan Slit Beam ProfilerUp to 4mm
190nm to 2500nm

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