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3D Optical Surface Profilometers | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

3D Optical Surface Profilometers

The SIMTRUM SVW1 is a user-friendly precision optical instrument with powerful analysis functions for all kinds of surface form & roughness parameters. With unique light source it could measure various precision parts with both smooth and rough surface. SIMTRUM SVW1 Optical 3D Surface profilometer is an ideal instrument for sub-Nanometer measurement of various precision parts. Based on the principle of white light interference technology, combined with precision Z-direction scanning module and 3D modeling algorithm, it contactlessly scans the surface of the object then establish a 3D image for the surface. A serial of 2D, 3D parameters  reflecting surface quality of the object are obtained after XtremeVision software processes and analyzes the 3D image.

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It is used for measurement and analysis of surface roughness and profile of precision components from industries of semi-conductor, 3C Electronics, ultraprecise  achining, optical machining, micro-nano materials, micro-electro-mechanical system.

Application Case

Measurement and analysis for various products, components and materials`surface form and profile characteristics, such as flatness, roughness, waviness, appearance, surface defect, abrasion, corrosion, gap, hole, stage, curvature, deformation, etc.

XtremeVision 3D Software

Integration software: Measurement and analysis are operated in the same interface; With pre-set analytic parameters, the software automatically generates  easurement data, and achieves rapid CNC measurement.

A. After set analytic program, more than 10 files can be analyzed by one click, finally data result and statistical graph are generated automatically.

B. 1) Auto Measurement: After set measuring ranges & points and related parameters, multi-area can be measured.

    2) Stitching Measurement: After set the measuring range and parameters, large area could be measured by one click automatically.

    3) Partial measurement: Can select any area in field of view to be measured.

C. Configure parameters: After pre-set leveling, filtering and 2D&3D parameters, data could be measured and generated automatically according to pre-set program.

D. 2D, 3D Image operating zone.

E. Analysis window: Display the curves and data generated by present analysis tool.

F. Real-time video window.

Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link: 

  Light SourceGreen LED
  Video System1024 x 1024
  Standard Field of View0.98 x 0.98 mm
  Max Field of View
6.0 x 6.0 mm (Optional)
  Lens Holder

3 holes-manual

  XY Object Table  Size320 x 200 mm300 x 300 mm
  Moving Range140 x 100 mm200 x 200 mm
  Loading Capacity10kg
  Control MethodMotorized
  Z Azis Focusing  Moving Range100 mm
  Control MethodMotorized
  Max Scanning Speed45 µm/s
  Scanning Range of Z Axis10 mm
  Resolution of Z Axis0.1 nm
  Lateral Resolution0.1µm
  Stage measurement  Uncertainty0.30%
  Repeatability0.08% 1σ 
  SizeL900 x W700 x H604 mmL900 x W700 x H700 mm
  Weight< 150 kg< 160 kg
  PowerAC100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 4A, 300W

                  Remark: Performance parameters are tested by using a 4.7µm precision master stage gauge in lab according to ISO 4287 and ISO 25178

Standard configuration

Optional Configuration
1) Host machine

1) Parfocal objective lens: 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 50X,100X
2) High speed camera

2) Optical zoom: 0.75X, 1
3) Optical Zoom: 0.5x

3) Vacuum chuck: 4", 6" or 8
4) Parfocal Objective lens :10x

4) Motorized 5 holes turret
5) Motorized X & Y object table

6) 4.7μm stage master gauges

7) Joystick

8) XtremeVision software with automatic switching function

Environmental Requirement
9) Electrical control box

1) Operating environment: No strong magnetic field
10) Computer(WIN10) and 24" monitor

2) Working temperature:15℃~30℃, fuctuation <2℃/60min
11) Accessory suitcase

3) Relative humidity: 5%~95% RH, no condensation
12) Portable inflating pump

4) Environmental vibration: VC-C or better
13) User Manual and Product Certificate

5) Pressure supply: 0.6Mpa oil-free, water-free, 6mm diameter of hose

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3D Optical Surface Profilometers, Video system 1024x1024. standard field of view 0.98x0.98mm, Lens holder 3 holes-manual, XY object table size 320x200mm, moving range 140x100mm
6-8 weeks Request for quote
3D Optical Surface Profilometers, Video system 1024x1024. standard field of view 0.98x0.98mm, Lens holder 3 holes-manual, XY object table size 300x300mm, moving range 200x200mm
6-8 weeks Request for quote

SVW1-Pro - Parameter

SVW1 - Parameter

SVW1-Pro - Download

SVW1 - Download


Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price