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(UPDATED) SOFT LAUNCH : Open for business and Information on Soft Launch Status

Dear Customer, 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to release products onto our Website. Over the past months, we have updated our website with numerous product lines as we progress further into our soft launch. 

Launched Products, Technical Information and Getting technical assistance/quote

We are pleased to announce we have products on our website that are ready to launch! These are products with completed technical information available. 

Making a Purchase/ Getting a Quote - To get an automatic quote request, please log in to our website and use the add to cart function. Alternatively, we have staff on standby to process your request. Please email your product(s) of interest to

Insufficient Technical Data- we understand that not all relevant technical data might be present at this stage, especially if specific requirements are needed. If technical specifications or data you are looking for are not present, rest assured we have it on hand on our off line data base. Please do drop us a email. 

Interest in Products that have yet to be launched. 

For products or product categories on our website, but either marked as coming soon or empty, these products, quotations and technical data, are available on request. 

Website Changes and Changes in Technical Data

As we release an increasing number of products, we aim to be constantly improving in the presentation of our data and remove and resolve technical problems as soon as possible. For important changes, we have started a website development thread for clarity in the changes of information. Please visit the thread below to learn more about changes made to our website. 

Website Development Thread: Click Here