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X-Ray/ XUV/ VUV Spectroscopy (1-300nm) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

X-Ray/XUV/VUV Spectrometers (1-300nm)

In SIMTRUM we offer different type of VUV Vacuum Ultraviolet, XUV Extreme Ultraviolet  and X-Ray spectroscopy systems. below take shows the system we provide for defferent applications.

Product ModelWavelength (nm)DispersionResolution  
maxLIGHT Pro (XUV)5 to 800.5 to   1.3nm/mm<0.028nm at 40nm
easyLIGHT (XUV)30 to 250~2.0nm/mm<0.1nm
highLIGHT(XUV)1 to 100-<0.1nm
maxLIGHT (VUV)40 to 2000.9 to   1.6nm/mm<0.05nm at 120nm
easyLIGHT (VUV)80 to  300~2.5nm/mm<0.1nm
X-Ray Spectroscopy 
2-4 keV
Extended X-ray Spectroscopy5-12keV

Near Edge X-ray absorption 
200 - 1200eV

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