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Adjustable Electrical Probe Station | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Adjustable Electrical Probe Station
The Electrical Probe Temperature Stage is a product designed to characterize the temperature dependence of electrical properties during the heating and cooling phases of materials research.


Based on the optical temperature stage, an electrical module has been added. By moving the needle pin during testing, the tip of the needle can be brought into contact with any area of the sample surface. The electrical signal is transmitted to the instrumentation for electrical testing through the wiring connected to the needle holder, and the electrical properties of the material at variable temperatures are analyzed.


                    Manual Adjustable Probe Pin Station                                               Manual Adjustable Probe Pin Station 

                 - Vacuum Bellows                                                                                - Indexing Positioning


● Temperature range: -190 to 600℃, temperature 

    control accuracy ±0.1℃

● Gas-tight chamber can pass protective gas

● Upgradeable vacuum chamber (10-3 mbar )

● Step up and down the temperature, 0-60 ℃/min

● Supports multi-probe testing (up to 8 )

● Upgradable Triax BNC

● Support on-demand customization

Temperature Control System

Chamber Type    



                                               Gas-tight - Protective gas can be passed through                                                    Vacuum - Pumps up to 10-3mbar


Light Transmission Mode


Reflection Mode Stage Transimission Mode (2mm Stage hole)
Probe Types    




Fixed Probe Pin

Magnetic Probe Pin 

Motorized Nano Scale Probe Pin


                                       Customized Optical Interface                                                    Customized Chamber



Liquid Nitrogen Consumption


1 ) The maximum liquid nitrogen consumption is 1L/h, maintained at -190 ℃ ;

2 ) Normal use 0.5L/h, high and low temperature changes.

Water Cooling System    

The water circulation system is needed for Ultra-low or High-temperature environments. 

It attaches to the Temperature stage chamber


●  For low temperatures application down to -190 degrees, it will prevent water condensation to 

    the stage and chamber

●  For high-Temperature application, it will cool the chamber wall to room temperature for safety 

Water Circulating System

(temperature control)


Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link:  




Manual Adjustable Probe Pin Station
Optical Indicators Manual Adjustable Probe Pin Station
Temperature Control
Cooling & Heating Liquid nitrogen cooling, heating wire heating
Temperature Control Range* -190 to 600 ℃ 
Temperature Control Accuracy Stability ±0.1℃ , resolution 0.1 ℃
Temperature Control Speed Max 60℃/min
Temperature Control Method High precision PID control
Optical Properties
Optical Path* Reflected optical path (can be upgraded to transmitted optical path)
Window Size φ25mm (subject to actual size)
Window to Sample Table Distance 16.5mm
Window Defrosting Air blowing defrost at negative temperature
Electrical Characteristics
Probe* Adjustable probe *4 (gold-plated tungsten steel)
Probe Interface* BNC connector (optional triaxial interface)
Sample Table Potential* Electrical floating (optional electrical grounding)
Structural Properties
Sample Carrier Material* Copper (can be customizable Silver)
Sample Table Size 23x23mm (subject to actual size)
Dimensions 150*150*55mm (excluding adjustment table)
Sample Chamber Height 15mm (subject to actual size)
Chamber Pressure Mechanical Pump 10-3Torr , Turbo Pump 10-6Torr
XYZ Displacement Stroke ±6mm
Probe Displacement Accuracy 5μm
Remark Above are all default parameters, with * can be customizable
Product Package
Temperature stage & controller, Chiller, LN2 Tank, Pump for LN2, Software





Temperature Range Choice


Low Temperature Stage: -190 to 600℃

Low temperature optional   -190℃  -180℃  -160℃  -120℃  -100℃  RT

High temperature optional  400℃  600℃


Application 1

● TCSPC Testing Solution for Bear Chip SPAD (APD) 

● TCSPC Testing Solution for Packaged SPAD (APD) TO46 or T08

Product Brochure Link: 

Free-space Bear Chip SPAD TCSPC Testing System

Fiber-based Bear Chip SPAD TCSPC Testing System

Customized fiber Cryo-stage system for 70K cooling 

● Customized fiber inserts into the testing chamber , with 85 degrees optical output angle. 

● Top and side view visible zoom vision system for fiber alignment.

● 2 adjust probe arm for electronics signal testing, Cryo-stage temperature able to reach -77K (LN2).

Applications 2: Raman microscope with low temperature stage


Real System Setup


                                                Raman Shift Result
                            Temperature Chart


Applications 3

Materials Light Absorption Analysis

at Different Temperatures 

Large NA High Sensitivity 


Applications 4

Infrared Transmission Spectrometer with 

Hot & Cold Stretching

Applications 5

OLED Material Temperature Change Test

Applications 6

Temperature Change Test of Semiconductor Material

Material Spectrum Temperature Change Test
Microscope Temperature Change Test

Temperature RangeChamber TypeOptical PathElectrinical Probe Arm

Optical Heating & Cooling Stage

-190°C to 1200°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection No 

XRD Temperature Control Stage

-190°C to1200°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection No (Customizable)

Electrical Probe Temperature Stage

-190°C to 600°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection Fix probe arm

Electrical Probe Temperature Station

-190°C to 600°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection Adjustable probe arm

Tensile Strain Temperature Stage

-190°C to 1200°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection No(Customizable)

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope, Confocal Raman Microscope, 
High Speed Line Scan Confocal Microscope
Wde Field Raman Microscope,  
Fluorescence / Photoluminescence Microscope
Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (Solution) 

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Manual adjustable probe station, Temp control range -190 to 600℃, Adjustable probe x 4, Price includes: Temperature Stage and Controller, Chiller, LN2 Tank, Pump for LN2, Software.
6-10 Weeks $24997.00
Electrical Probe Temperature Station, Manual adjustable probe station, Temp control range -190 to 600℃, Adjustable probe x 4 (Integrated Positioning), Price includes: Temperature Stage and Controller, Chiller, LN2 Tank, Pump for LN2, Software.
6-10 Weeks $21032.72
Vacuum Chamber Upgrade
Upgraded vacuum chamber and interface (KF16), Temperature range -190 to 400℃.
6-10 Weeks $1000.00
Transmission Stage Upgrade
Upgrade stage from Reflection to Transmission, Standard hole size 2mm
6-10 Weeks $500.00

Transmission Stage Upgrade  - Parameter

Vacuum Chamber Upgrade  - Parameter

CRYO600-190-OP4-IP - Parameter

CRYO600-190-OP4-VB - Parameter

Transmission Stage Upgrade  - Download

Vacuum Chamber Upgrade  - Download

CRYO600-190-OP4-IP - Download

CRYO600-190-OP4-VB - Download


Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price