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Micro-Channel Plate (MCP) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Micro-Channel Plate (MCP)

SIMTRUM provides a wide range of micro-channel plate (MCP) and micro-channel plate assembly. MCP are suitable for image intensifier, MCP-PMT, X-ray image intensifier,as well as other photoelectric detection and enhancement devices. Our MCP catalogue includes MCP, MCP assembly, fiber optic plates ,mircro pore optics and X-Ray collimators.

Product Parameter
 Micro-Channel Plate (MCP)  Effective Area: 10.5-100mm | 90-200° | ≥47mm×47mm;Channel Dia.:6-21μm; Thickness:0.325-1.2mm
 Micro-Channel Plate Assembly (MCP)  Diameter:25-50mm; Channel Dia.:6-12mm; Effective Area:18-44mm
 Fiber Optic Plates- FOP  Fiber Center Distance:≤4μm,4-100μm; Theoretical Numerical Aperture:≥1.0; Transmission Ration of Collimating Light:≥65%
 Micro Pore Optics  Aperture:10-100μm(Customizable); Boundary Dimension:≤50mm×50mm | Φ≤60mm; Thickness:1-3mm(Customizable)
 X-Ray Collimators  Aperture:10-100μm(Customizable); Thickness0.5-5mm(Customizable)

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