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Tensile Strain Temperature Stage

WT-500 is a device which allows users to perform material stress and strain testing process under temperature control with the DIC microtest system. Ideal for testing material phase transformation behaviour, crack initiation, propagation, fracture bending and etc. in high temperatures , the WT-500 is a device suited for the semiconductor, ceramics, polymer materials, biology, flexible electronic materials and other research fields.

Key Features

Dynamic strain measurement

High-speed deformation measurement

Fracture mechanics

Dynamic material test



Cold and Hot Tensile Microtest System


Electrical Tests


Tensile Tester


Tensile Microtest Result

General Specifications

Optical Indicators

Typical Value




Tension Range

0-500N, 0.02% FS


Horizontal movement

Maximal Displacement


Displacement Speed



Mechanical Model

Stretch, compress, bend

Hot and Cold Method

Liquid nitrogen refrigeration, electric heating wire heating, semiconductor heating   and cooling

Upper Limit of Temperature Control

A.100    B.   200    C. 400    D.600


Lower Limit of Temperature Control

A.-100    B.-120    C.-150   D.-190optional


Precision of Temperature Control

±0.1>-120),±0.3<-160),resolution 0.1

Temperature Control Speed


Temperature Control Type

Temperature   control mode

PIDTemperature sensor

PT100Material of sample loader: silver

Light Path

Reflected light path

Transmitted light path available


Removable and replaceable window

Different materials to achieve different wavelengths

Cover Window


Light Transmission Hole

No light transmission hole

Light transmission hole available

Lens Working Distance


Window Defrosting

Blowing and defrosting under negative temperature

Selection of The Observation

Microscope, DIC image analysis and testing

DIC Software Analysis Function

Support synchronization analysis, temperature, sample microstructure, strain analysis, dynamic strain calculation, strength, and nonlinear change detection, young's modulus and position's ratio, elastic-plastic fracture mechanics performance, uniform and non-uniform material deformation behaviour in the process of analysis, all kinds of isotropic and anisotropic material deformation characteristics

DIC Test Accuracy

Support low speed to high speed camera, can achieve accuracy micron level, nanometre   level


Real-time Computing

With   online and offline computing and processing modes

DIC System Compatibility

Compatible with single-camera 2D measurement and multi-camera 3D measurement; Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Sample Table Size

35mm x 8mm


Atmosphere Control

Airtight chamber, can be filled with protective atmosphere

Shell Cooling

Default none, selectable circulating water to prevent overheating of the shell

Vertical installation available

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