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Photodiode & Photomultiplier

SIMTRUM Provide a range of photodiode & Photomultiplier tube (PMT) with cooled option avaible, our detector material includes (Silicon, Germanium, Indium Gallium Arsenide, Mercury cadium telluride etc.) Below are the selection guide for our photodiode products.

Photomultiplier 200-1000nnPhotodiode 800-2500nmCooled Photodiode 1-30um

DH_3 Multi-Alkali Photomultiplier (200-850nm)

DH_30   Multi-Alkali Photomultiplier (200-850nm)

DH_30_TE Cooled Multi-Alkali Photomultiplier (200-900nm)

DH_50 Cooled Multi-Alkali Photomultiplier (200-930nm)

DH_3_BI  Bi-Alkali End-Window Photocathode (200-600nm)

DH_Si Silicon Photodiode (200-1100nm)

Ge Photodiode (800-1800nm)
IGA Photodiode (800-1700nm)
IGA-EX_TE Photodiode (900-1900/2550nm)
MCT12 Dewar-Cooled Photodiode   (2-12µm)
INSB Dewar-Cooled Photodiode (1-5.5μm)
PBSE_TE Cooled Photodiode (1-5µm)
PBS_TE Cooled Photodiode (1-3µm)
PY Pyroelectric Detector (1-30µm)

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