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Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope, Standard Wavelength 405/488/561/640nm(638nm), dual-axis XY high-speed optical scanning galvanometer, field of view 15x15mm, scanning pixels 512x512 ~4096x4096, scan speed up to 4fps, stroke: X-110mm, Y-75mm, Z-9mm


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Product specifications and Brochures

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Confocal Microscope Specification
Laser Light Source    405 nm (20 mW ); 488 nm (20 mW ); 
    561 nm (20 mW ); 640 nm (20 mW );
    Analog /TTL level modulation , 
    intensity adjustable (0-100%);
    Single-mode fiber , FC/APC connector.
Scan Module    Dual-axis XY high-speed optical scanning galvanometer 
    Field of view 15mm X 15mm , 
    scanning pixels 512 x 512 ~ 4096 x 4096
    Pixel time 0.5 μs -100 μs , 
    standard scan speed: up to 4fps ( 512 x 512)
Scan Mode    XY, XYT, XYZ, XYZT
Pinhole Choice    Diameter: 10/20/30/40/50 μm
Detector    SiPMT , QE>25%@500nm, 
    GaAsP PMT, QE>45%@500nm
Filter Unit    DAPI(445nm/40);
XYZ Translation Stage    Minimum step size 50 nm; repeatability +/- 0.1 μm
    Maximum speed 100 mm/s
    Stroke : X : 110mm , Y : 75mm , Z : 9mm
Software Feature    Multicolor fluorescence colocalization processing, 
    Z - stack processing analysis,   large image stitching, 
    Filtering processing, 
    Imaging parameter management, etc.

Professional Software UI Design

SIMSCOP CM Series Confocal Microscope Software Key Features

Laser Control Panel

Image Processing & Deconvolution

Functional GUI Panel
Easy-to-recognize display for setting lasers, detectors, etc.Scanning parameter settings
Image processing & deconvolution

SIMSCOP-Basic - Parameter

SIMSCOP-Basic - Download