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Project Consultation and System Setup Service

SIMTRUM's Project Development team provides technical expertise and commercial resources to bring your project or proposal to life. Tapping on a combined 50 years of experience grounded in Photonics, Optics, Physics and Engineering, we work with you to realise the project conceptually and provide the necessary resources to kick start your project. 

Our Resources


Consultation Services

With Ph.D. holders in ultrafast optics and spectroscopy, we provide no-obligation consultation for your project. Inquire about your project goals or ask about market tools capable of providing solutions to your project goals. We break down and identify your system or project needs and help you get there.


International Resources

Working with companies from across the globe, we provide access to an international list of equipment and resources: both cutting edge and/or industry leading. 


Technical Support 

With direct access to technical support from equipment specialists, we provide an unparallalled conectivity to subject matter experts. Based in Singapore - we provide on site consultations and overeas web confrencing with the leading experts in the field.

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Development Framework for System Solutions

Untitled design (20).png

Key Fundamentals

Developed by Researchers and Engineers at SIMTRUM together with input from our manufacturing partners, we develop customised design solutions to meet specific experimental or industrial process applications. In doing so, you get a customised tailored solution th best fit your needs. Use the navitagtion panel below to enter our KNOWLEDGE BASE and explore our Past and On-going projects. 

                                      Our Past Projects

Microscopy and Life Science

Web Portal

·      Two Photon Microscopy

·      Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy


Web Portal

·      Pulsed Photothermal Reflectance

·      General Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) Guide

·      Femtosecond pump-probe transient absorption spectroscopy

·      Setup Guide: Steady-State Photocurrent Spectroscopy system

                                            Our Current Projects

·     Hollow Core Fibre for Pulse Compression

·      Delay line systems

·      12 axis fiber alignment systems

·      Optical Table Setup

·      Cryostat Systems

International Resources

The Photonics Industry is developing at a break-neck pace and it is no small feat to stay up to date with the revelant technologies. This is further driven by these technologies being used in multi-discplinery fields: From Engineering to Biotech and Medtech applications. This gives THE SIMTRUM MISSION STATEMENT is to make photonic technologies more ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE significant weightage. To achieve this, we stay up to date on new and emerging technologies, on-boarding these solutions either ot the SIMTRUM website or on our offline database. 

Developing a catalogue of equipment that ranges from cost-effective to industry-leading, these solutions are made possible through the collaboration with international Universities, Companies and Start-ups whose core ideas are based on technical profficiency and innovation.  These core principles have allowed for ground breaking technical developments and improved processes leading to smart design, increased adoption and lower manufacturing cost. Tapping on our core team's 50 years of experience, we work with these entities to discuss technical specifications, use case scenarios, and effectivness of these technologies in the context of local and regional adoption here in Singapore and South East Asia (although international shippingis avaialble). 

System Integration

The last step is bringing it all together: working with multiple stakeholders, Our Team works to ensure technical compatibility, project timetable feasibility, acquisitions and more. In doing so,  we offer key serivces in Contractual Obligations, Techical Specifications Fulfilment, logistics and risk assessment as well as follow up services.

Design Capability

Zemax optical design capability
Solidwork mechanical design capability
Autocad drawing
Labview programing


 3D Optical Profiler


Measurement Capability

MTF/EFL Test BenchInterferometer3D Optical ProfilerSpectrophotometer

MTF/EFL Test Bench


 3D Optical Profiler


Get In Touch


1)     Arrange a meeting with us via either On-site or Web Conference and get to know the team. From there, we will discuss about your project.

2)     Identify project goals:

a.     Experimental research needs, industrial applications, prototype building / testing and scaling the prototype to bring to market.

b.     We welcome inquiries from everyone – from Researchers to fellow start-ups.

3)     Developing a Solution:

        Knowing your goals, we work to develop a solution proposal or find existing resources to achieve.

a.     Over 50 years or collective experience on the management team.

b.     Established network of international resources.

4)      Refer Below to learn more of the extended process.



We are currently expanding our international network and all requests are being serviced by our headquarters in Singapore. Our webstore ships internationally – consult with us to learn about our resources for your needs.

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