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Maskless lithography enables nanopatterning at will, without the need for slow and expensive photomask. This convenience is especially useful for research and rapid prototyping use. The Nanyte Beam compliments the existing benefits by bringing it to the desktop without any compromise in performance.


The Beam Engine focuses a UV laser beam into a diffraction-limited spot and scans the spot to expose any arbitrary pattern on a photoresist. To expose large wafers, precision steppers move the wafer and allows multiple exposures to be stitched. The Beam Engine is capable of producing features smaller than (CD) 0.8µm across a 5” wafer.

光束引擎将紫外激光束聚焦到衍射极限点并曝光光刻胶上的任何图案。对大尺寸晶圆,设备能实现精准的步进式光刻。光束引擎具有能够在 5 英寸晶圆上产生小于 (CD) 0.8µm 的特征。

Compact 袖珍

Full-featured maskless lithography, smaller than a desktop computer.


Powerful 强大

Sub-micron resolution while exposes a writefield in less than two seconds.


Ultrafast Autofocus 超快自动对焦

Piezo actuators reach focus in less than a second when combined with our closed-looped focus optics.


No-fuss Multilayer 毫不费力的多层对齐
Semi-automatic alignment allows multilayer alignment to be completed within minutes.


Standard Price: 51,000USD

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Product Specification

Minimum Linewidth 最小线宽

2 µm guaranteed, 0.8 µm achievable (0.8µm可实现)

Minimum Pitch 最小间距

1.6 µm achievable  (可达到1.6 µm)

Exposure Time 曝光时间

< 2s for 1 writefield  (1个图案 < 2s)

Maximum Writefield 最大写域

400 µm ✕ 400 µm

Laser Power 激光能量
40mW (Customizable)

Laser Wavelength 激光波长

405 nm

Laser Galvo


Step Size 步径

8 nm

Repeatability 重复性

< 100 nm (static静止)

Speed 速度

up to 200 mm/s  (高达200 mm/s)

Motorized Stepper


Encoder Resolution


0.1 µm

Stage Repeatability (1σ)


Better than 0.3 µm (优于0.3µm)

Movement area


120 mm ✕ 120 mm

Largest Sample Size 最大样本尺寸

130 mm ✕ 130 mm   (> 5”)

Wafer Alignment 晶圆对齐

Multilayer processes supported 支持多层工艺

Accepted File Formats


.bmp, .png, .tiff, .gds, 

Custom shapes can directly be drawn in software.


Software 软件

Patterning 图案

Nanyte  Beam Xplorer

Design 设计

KLayout (most powerful最强大), 

MS Paint/Powerpoint (rapid prototyping快速原型设计)

Weight 重量

Lighter than 20 kg  少于20公斤

System Size 系统尺寸

330 ✕ 310 ✕ 340 mm



Front View



Back View

Modular optics.jpg

    Modular Optics.

      Swappable optics minimizes downtime and increases upgradeability.


      Customization options are available for different wavelengths and write 

      field sizes. Contact us info@simtrum.comfor more info.


      了解更多信息 。

System Requirements 

Power 功率

BEAM opeartes on 100-240 VAC 50-60j Hz. Line voltage and frequency are automatically sensed; therefore, no swithces are to be set. Check that the operating voltagein your area is compatible. BEAM 在 100-240 VAC 50-60j Hz 上运行。 自动感应线路电压和频率; 因此,无需设置任何开关。 检查您所在地区的工作电压是否兼容。

Location 放置环境

●  Indoor, dust free, near-non-conductive pollution (degree 2 of EN61010-1:2010) 室内、无尘、近非导电污染(EN61010-1:2010 2 级)

●  Tabletop vibration should be kept under VC-A (50 um/s) 桌面振动应保持在 VC-A (50 um/s) 以下

●  Cleanroom environment is optional 非超净间环境下可使用

●  Equipment must be shaded from indirect sunlight 设备必须避免阳光直射

●  Relative humidity < 80% (no condensation) 相对湿度 < 80%(无冷凝)

Measurement Example

Split-ring resonator arrays. The distance on the right is 1.5 µm (arrow), 

separation distance on the left is 2 µm. The outer ring is 80 µm across. 

开环谐振器阵列。右侧的分离距离为1.5µm (箭头),左侧的分离距离为 2 µm。 

外圈直径为 80 µm。

Array of resist micropatterns on silicon substrate. Each cell is 50 ✕ 63 µm, 

with 3 µm spacing between adjacent patterns. Resist used: AZ5214E

硅衬底上的光刻胶微图案阵列。 每个单元为 50 × 63 µm,相邻图案之间的间距为

 3 µm。 使用的光刻胶:AZ5214E

0.8 µm tapered middle section with 20 ✕ 90 µm contact pads on the side. 

Resist used: AZ5214E

0.8 µm 锥形中间部分,侧面有 20 ✕ 90 µm 接触电极。 使用的光刻胶:AZ5214E

Software Features

The included software makes quick work of any patterning job; just load, align and expose. Navigation is similar to CNC systems.

During multilayer exposures, the GDS pattern is overlaid for visualization. The control GUI (left window) has a minimap of the loaded GDS that allows navigation to any area on the wafer with 1-click.

随附的软件可以快速完成任何图案工作; 只需加载、对准和曝光。 导航类似于 CNC 系统。在多层曝光期间,GDS 图案被覆盖以进行可视化。 控制 GUI(左窗口)有一个加载的 GDS 的小地图,允许通过一键导航到晶圆上的任何区域。

Xplorer Main Window
Camera Window

Acts as a minimap of the entire sample stage. Loaded patterns and exposed areas can be viewed. The black bos shows the regin that the BEAM ENGINE is currently at. The live video stream on the camera window also corresponds to the same area.

充当整个样本阶段的小地图。 可以查看加载的图案和暴露区域。 黑色 bos 显示 BEAM ENGINE 当前所在的区域。 摄像头窗口上的实时视频也对应相同的区域。

The camera window shows a live stream of what the BEAM ENGINE is looking at. The camera window also plays an important role during alignment, where the chosen alignment features appear overlaid on the amera stream.

摄像头窗口显示 BEAM ENGINE 下方的图案。 相机窗口在对齐过程中也起着重要作用,其中选定的对齐特征显示在 amera 流上。

Patterning Processing

NANYTE BEAM was desinged so that the least number of steps are necessary to do a full exposure. Depending on the complexity of the patteming job, it is possible to load, align and expose a pattern onto a wafer in under 3 minutes. the flow of the entire patterning process is as shown below:

NANYTE BEAM 的设计使完全曝光所需的步骤最少。 根据图案化工作的复杂性,可以在 3 分钟内将图案加载、对齐和曝光到晶圆上。 整个图案化工艺流程如下图所示:


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