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Optical Coherence Tomography OCT Imaging System | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Optical Coherence Tomography OCT Imaging System

TRICHROME Series pre-clinical SD-OCT

Ultrahigh resolution and collagen fibre contrast

Simtrum is proud to release TRICHROME  SD-OCT which provides unprecedented spatial resolutions and tissue contrast. It is the highest resolution Optical Coherence Tomography device for preclinical use and is equipped with the unique capability of detecting collagen fiber by capturing their natural colour.


- Ultrahigh axial resolution (2.5 µm in air  and 1.8 µm in water);

- Unique collagen fiber imaging capability  based on entrinsic colour;

- Handheld dermatoscopy for pre-clinical use;

- Quick switch between the objective lens of various magnifications.

Product Brochures : Download

  TRICHROME - 2x OCT  Specification
  Typical application  Research and Pre-clinical (dermatology)
  Centre wavelength  850 nm
  Penetration depth  1 mm
  Axial resolution  2.5 µm air and 1.8 µm in water
  A-line rate  68 kHz
  Sensitivity  105 dB @ 20 kHz scan rate A-line
  Pixel number  2048 or 4096
  Compatible scanner  Desktop scanner or handheld dematoscope

  TRICHROME -2x OCT   Objective lens selection guide
Focal LengthWorking DistanceSpot SizeMax. Field of ViewEffective Field of View
  4X anti-reflection coated achromat (650 -   1050 nm)
50mm40mm6.3μm13 X 13 mm25 X 5mm2
  10X NIR Long working distance Apochromat (400 - 1100 nm)
20mm30mm2.5μm5 x 5mm22 X 2mm2
  20X NIR Long working distance Apochromat (400 - 1100 nm)
10mm20mm 1.3μm2.5 X 2.5mm21 X 1mm2


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging technology, that provides real-time and cross-sectional images or fast 3D images of samples. OCT works similar to B-mode ultrasonic imaging. However, spatial resolutions of OCT can be as good as 1-2 μm, which is two orders of magnitude higher than those of ultrasound. The penetration depth of OCT is in the range of 2-3 mm. The non-contact and non-invasive nature makes OCT a perfect tool for diagnosing diseases in mucosa and surface inspection of products.

Human skin in vivo

Corneal endothelium

OCT colour image of the human skin in vivo

Lamina cribrosa

Opctic nerve disc

Graphics and Workstation

Product demonstration

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