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E-Commerce Soft Launch Guide

SIMTRUM's E-Commerece Platform is in Soft Launch Mode, but as we begin to upload fully furnished catalogues, we are making them available for sale. To best assist our users, please use this guide to Navigate the SIMTRUM website. Across our website, tags like this can be found in the different product categories. Use these tags to identify if a product is available for sale through our website or by contacting us at


Web Development Notice ||  Product Status: Ready For Sale. Product General Information: Uploaded.    Technical Specification Status: Uploaded.  Change Log: No Update.  Useful Links: Change Log database: (Link)    ||    Development Notice Guide (Link).




Product Status

Refers   to the status of the product on our website.

Ready for Sale.

This Product or Product is Ready for   Sale and can be purchased through our website or upon request of quotation.

Contact for Sales

This general and technical information for this product is available through our database. Please contact us.

Product General Information

Refers to marketing and general information on the product models and the difference between models.


The content with regards to the products are currently up to date. General Information is used to highlight key differences between similar products.

Update in progress

This information is being updated and uploaded. Contact us if you need technical assistance.

Technical Specification Status

Key   information with regards to specific products. Necessary for consideration in   purchasing our products.


All key technical specifications are   available through our website. Contact us if you need assistance.

Available   Upon Request

The information is available through   our database. Contact us to get the information.

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