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Large NA High Sensitivity Spectrometer 200-1450nm

The HiNA series  Large NA High Sensitivity Spectrometer is a High-performance Spectrometer designed specifically for Raman applications requiring high luminous flux and sensitivity, it is currently available in three different wavelength ranges 532nm, 785 nm and 1064nm.


• High luminous flux 

• Support GPIO 

• High sensitivity, high UV response 

• Batch Consistency Control 

• Various communication interfaces, support USB, serial port 

• Low-temperature drift, wide operating temperature range: -20~60℃


Technical Advantages

1. Ultra-high luminous flux

F/2 is not only fully coupled to the input from 0.22NA fibers but also designed for redundancy and compatibility with special fibers with larger numerical apertures or customised input optical paths.

2. Powerful PC software

PC software provided with the spectrometer: FLAVOR is powerful software. In addition to the basic spectrum acquisition control functions, it also has functions such as saturation and automatic adjustment of the integration time, recording of the real integration time, and automatic peak finding. At the same time, the software also includes characteristic functions such as wavelet smoothing with patented technology.

SDK supports Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems, and can provide secondary development packages in C#, C++, Java, Python, and other languages.

3. High stability

Within 0~40°C temperature drift, the spectral resolution remains unchanged, preferable for industrial applications.

4. Customisable

A wide choice of reflective flashing gratings allows you to customise the waveband to suit your needs.

Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link:  

Raman Range0~3600cm -10~2480cm -10~1700cm -1
Band Range530~658nm780-975nm1064~1300nm
Resolution ( @50um slit)


16cm -1


10cm -1


7cm -1

Slit Width*25~200um50~200um50~200um
Dynamic range10000 : 114000 : 1
Signal to Noise Ratio1000 :11000 : 1
Integration Time7 ms -30 mins5 us - 30 mins
CCD Detector**Hamamatsu, S7031-1006SHamamatsu, G14237-512WA
Built-in Filter

Minimum wave number

200cm -1

Minimum wave number

200cm -1

Minimum wave number

200cm -1

Size170 x 179 x 64.5mm
Step Drawings

* Customicable

** The Spectral Response of the Hamamatsu CCD detector is as follows


Product Size

NameModelWavelength RangeDetectorResolutionNoise RatioDynamic Range

High Resolution Spectrometer

L Sereis200-1100nmHamamatsu,S11639,2048 pixels<1nm customizable500:12000:1

High Resolution Spectrometer

H Series200-1100nmHamamatsu,S11639,2048 pixels<1nm customizable500:12000:1

Back Illuminated Spectrometer

M Series200-1100nmHamamatsu,S10420,64×2048 pixels<1nm customizable800:15000:1

Hi Sensitivity Cooled Spectrometer 

MC Serie200-1100nmHamamatsu,S7031,64×1044 pixels<1nm customizable1000:110000:1

Handheld Raman System 


Band Range 

200-3200cm-1/ 200-2500cm-1

6 - 8 cm-1

Portable Tabletop Raman System

RMT EZ785nmBand Range  200-3200cm-1
7 cm-1  typical

Portable Tabletop Raman System


Band Range 


8 - 9 cm-1 typical

Cooled NIR Spectrometer 

N Series900-2200nmHamamatsu, G11477up to 8nm
@10um slit width

MWIR Spectrometer 

MWIR Series1-5umPbS or PbSe  256 pixels10-30nm20 RMS

Imaging Spectrometer 

240 -1100nm2046 x 1542, 2448 x 2048, 5472 x 34780.44 to 0.66nm


For more information on customized accessories, please contact us

Model   No.TypeWavelengthCore DiameterLength# of FiberConnector
I1000-S/S-L2Optic Fiber360~2500 nm1000 μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
V1000-S/S-L2200 ~ 1100 nm1000μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
DV600-S/S-L2190~1100 nm600μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
I600-S/S-L2360~2500 nm600μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
V600-S/S-L2200 ~ 1100 nm600μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
DV400-S/S-L2190~1100 nm400μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
I400-S/S-L2360~2500 nm400μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
V400-S/S-L2200 ~ 1100 nm400μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
DV200-S/S-L2190~1100 nm200μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
I200-S/S-L2360~2500 nm200μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
V200-S/S-L2200 ~ 1100 nm200μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
DV100-S/S-L2190~1100 nm100μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
I100-S/S-L2360~2500 nm100μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905
V100-S/S-L2200 ~ 1100 nm100μm2 m1SMA905-SMA905

Bifurcated Fiber,

 Y-bundle : 2 fibers

360~2500nm1000μm2 mA-2nos, B1-1nos, B2-1nosA-SMA905 / B1-SMA905 / B2-SMA905
V1000-Y*2-S/S-L2200 ~ 1100 nm1000μm2 mA-2nos, B1-1nos, B2-1nosA-SMA905 / B1-SMA905 / B2-SMA905
DV600-Y*7-S/S-L2190~1100 nm600μm2 mA-7nos, B1-1nos, B2-6nosA-SMA905 / B1-SMA905 / B2-SMA905
I600-Y*7-S/S-L2360~2500nm600μm2 mA-7nos, B1-1nos, B2-6nosA-SMA905 / B1-SMA905 / B2-SMA905
DV600-1*7-S/S-L2Multi-core Fiber190~1100 nm600μm2 m7SMA905-SMA905

Integrating Sphere

Wavelength 250 - 2500 nm

Output port customizable

Black anodized aluminum alloy housing

Gold Coated Integrating Spheres

Wavelength 1000 - 5000 nm

Electrochemically plated diffuse reflective film coating

Halogen Light Source

Wavelength 360 - 2500 nm

Long lifetime, typically 10,000 hours

SMA905 output connector

Deuterium UV Light Source

Wavelength 190 - 400 nm

Long lifetime, typically 1500 hours

SMA905 output connector

Sample Holder with Mounting for Transmittance MeasurementSample Holder with Mounting for Reflectance Measurement
Cuvette HoldersOptical Mount for Transmittance and Reflectance Sample Measurement

Fiber Optic Attenuator

Wavelength 200 - 2500 nm

Adjustable slit for attenuation

Fiber Collimator

Wavelength 185 - 2500 nm

Numerical aperture 0.22 - 0.37 NA,

fiber core diameter ≥ 100 µm

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Large NA High Sensitivity Spectrometer HiNA Series, Band Range 530-658 nm, Resolution 0.5nm @50um slit, Slit width 25-200um, grating 1800I/500mm
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Raman Spectrometer HiNA785
Large NA High Sensitivity Spectrometer HiNA Series, Band Range 780-975 nm, Resolution 0.7nm @50um slit, Slit width 50-200um, grating 1200I/850mm
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Large NA High Sensitivity Spectrometer HiNA Series, Band Range 1064-1300 nm, Resolution 0.9nm @50um slit, Slit width 50-200um, grating 830I/1200mm
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HiNA1064 - Parameter

Raman Spectrometer HiNA785 - Parameter

HiNA532 - Parameter

HiNA1064 - Download

Raman Spectrometer HiNA785 - Download

HiNA532 - Download


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